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frequently asked questions:

#1: does it cost more?

No! It usually costs less! We are licensed throughout the United States, and because we negotiate with insurance companies on a national basis, we have the leverage to get you cutting-edge programs at extremely competitive rates.

#2: what if I already have insurance?

You may already have insurance, but that doesn't mean that you are fully protected. Health clubs face many risks that other businesses do not. If your agent does not fully understand these risks, your coverage may look good on the surface but leave you vulnerable.

If you question whether your coverage is sufficient, ask us! We can evaluate your policy and explain the coverages.

#3: do I have to use more than one agency?

No. In addition to all the services we list here, we can take care of any other commercial insurance needs you may have. Whether you have corporate vehicles or need workers compensation, we can take care of it. Just ask for a quote!

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