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your business is difficult to insure

sexual abuse and harassment
are constant dangers

A member could accuse an employee of sexual misconduct. Your trainers, whether assessing a member's physical condition or helping them use the equipment, are in constant physical contact with members.

Although it would be nice to pretend it never happens, sexual abuse and harassment are ever-present dangers. Your members may already be self-conscious about their appearance. A gym environment can easily lead to misunderstood looks and comments.

fitness has a high turnover rate...

Are you properly hiring, firing, training and promoting your employees? Are you in full compliance with ADA and FEMA regulations? If not, are you prepared to risk joining the 70% of all court cases that are employment related?

All of this adds up to an almost uninsurable environment. Insurance companies respond by trying to limit their own exposure. They offer off-the-shelf coverage that looks good on the surface, while limiting your coverage as much as possible! Combine that with an agent who is not sure what the risks are and you have probably compromised the future of your business.

the risks  ·  harassment, abuse and employment

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