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we know the risks...

insuring the fitness industry
is a specialized business

Don't find out the hard way. You provide everything from infant care to elderly programming. You test the limits of your members' hearts and break down their muscle tissue. You encourage physical contact through body composition testing, spotting and massage. You even advise clients how to eat, sleep, and tan their skin.

You face risks and exposures that most agents just don't have the experience to recognize. They may sell you insurance covering liability arising only from wet areas and training. They think "that's all that you offer, so that's all you need." It sounds good, but it's just not true:

things someone else did and
things you didn't even do

Did you know that you can be sued for anything that any employee, member or guest does. Did your employee make a disparaging remark about a guest? His or her humiliation is your responsibility -- you should have taken steps to prevent it.

You can also be sued for things you "should have done." What if your childcare attendant is accused of molestation? Did you do a pre-employment background check?

ever give advice to your members?
what if something goes wrong...

Every day, you are bombarded with questions such as "How can I lose weight?" "How do I add muscle?" and "What's the best way to cut up before my show?"

You give professional advice to your members, and it is all considered professional advice. You will be held legally accountable. Does your current agent even know that Andro, Ephedra, and Chitosan are daily topics of conversation? If not, they probably think that you just sell hats and T-shirts.

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